8 Most profitable ways of making money online in Kenya

Make money online in Kenya

Searching for the best and profitable ways in which you can make money online in Kenya?You are definitely at the right place.

Well then, this is the most introspective case study which will help online enterprenuers like you realize the best online industries that they can invest and make a handsome income online.

Early January 2020, Kenya was reported to have 22.6 million active internet users. 

This makes Kenya as among the countries in Africa with high internet penetration rate.

With that, Kenya is considered as a friendly online technological hub for most enterprenuers who want to create an online business and make money online.

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But before all, I want to disclose the misconception possessed by most newbies that making money online in Kenya is a get-rich-quickly process.

If that was so, I think every online business started out there would be receiving tons of success.

Don’t be fooled by those guys who promise you that they can teach you how to build a million-dollar business by doing insanely simple jobs.

Like seriously, is it really possible! Is it even logical?

The bitter truth is that it takes time, strategies and working harder to create any successful online business.

From marketing to better customers’ handling as well as laying out a proper online business plan.

If you really want to know the best ways that you can use to generate an online income in Kenya you would probably not want to miss this list.

Therefore, let’s have a deep dive.

1. Start an online shop/store/e-commerce website

Start an ecommerce website

Ecommerce refers to the exchange of goods and services through the internet. It’s a type of trade where products are sold online.

A good example of an online store/ecommerce website in Kenya is the popular Jumia.co.ke.

At the end of 2019, Kenya had 2.61 million online shoppers. Moreover, the e-commerce industry in Kenya is projected to reach $1097 million by the end of 2020.

Jumia for example, reported a net profit of € 2million ( approximately Ksh 255.76 Million)  in their quarter year income report. That’s a great income.

Kenyans seem to enjoy the fact that they can shop online in the comfort their homes using a smartphone and the goods delivered to their doorsteps at an incredibly good price.

If you’re then planning to start an online business in Kenya deciding to create an online store is a one bright idea.

Well, is it complicated to create a profitable ecommerce website?Definitely no and not as pretty easy as you might think of. 

Now, let me take through the basics of creating an online store in Kenya.

First of all things, find a perfect product for your audience. In short, aim on getting a suitable product that your ideal buyers might require. If it’s about men’s cloths well and good. That could be your perfect product for your ideal buyers.

Secondly, create your website and start selling your products online. To create any website, you need to register a domain, buy hosting and install your CMS.

Ooh! What are those stuffs!

Well, a domain is your website’s online brand name in form of the ‘www.yourwebsitename.com‘ or dot org, dot co.ke and many more varrying with the extension of your preference.

A web hosting space is a service provided to make sure that your website does not go offline. It is also where your web files are stored.

A content management system (CMS) is a tool that helps create and manage your website WordPress.org is among the most popular CMS.

When you buy hosting and register a domain you access a CMS for free. For ecommerce websites we highly recommend Pretashop or a Combination of WordPress and Woocommerce.

A company like Truehost offers domain registration and hosting for ecommerce store at fee of ksh 14999  annually. Infact they register you a .co.ke domain for free. 

Visit Truehost Cloud

From there you can install Pretashop which is among the leading Ecommerce CMS. Or WordPress and intergrate it with you Woocommerce.

Pretashop CMS

Thirdly, make sure that your ecommerce website is optimized for search engines like Google. Research indicates that 53% of online buyers make a Google search before making an online purchase.

53% of online buyers make a Google search before making a purchase

That’s it. If you ensure that your online shop/ecommerce website is optimized for SEO you would be giving your online business an exposure to help boost your sales.

Well then, how do you go about it? Take a look at this ecommerce seo guide from Backlinko.

2. Start a blogging site and monetize it

Blogging money

Blogs are so common in the internet and I know that somewhere you’ve met one. A good example of a blog is this (bloggerkenya.co.ke) that you are reading.

In a simplified version, a blog is an informational website or a news hub that is focused on rendering information to a certain group if interested individuals.

For example, if you search for information on how to prepare chips masala, there are quite a number of blogs that teach you how to do it, like this one.

Example of a blog

To create a profitable blog in Kenya it will necessitate you to pick a blogging topic that really matters to you. 

This will involve you getting a niche that you feel you can yield your best or what you are very skillful at. 

Like any other website, blog needs to register a domain, buy hosting and install WordPress.org as your CMS. WordPress is the best blogging software out there.

If you want to create a blogging site in Kenya, here is a list of our most recommended web hosting providers.

  • Truehost .
  • HostPinnacle.
  • Kenya Web Experts
  • EAC directory.
  • Deep Africa.

From the above companies, you can create an amazing blog with as little as ksh 2000 annually.

After creating your blog, begin by creating engaging content for your ideal readers. Answer their questions in a satisfactory manner. Once done, promote your blog on social media,to your email subscribers as well as optimizing it for SEO. 

The more traffic your blog gets the higher is your income potential.

Now, you must be wondering how you can generate a good income from your blog and whether it’s possible to make money blogging in Kenya.

Here are a number of ways that you can monetize your blog.

  • Advertising – you can join the Google AdSense and earn by publishing adverts in your blog. Or else companies may contact you and ask to pay for an Ad space in your blogging site.
  • Publish Sponsored Posts – if you are not interested in running ads you can opt to approach a certain company and make a deal of creating content that is meant to promote the company’s products.
  • Affiliate Marketing – this is a type of an online program where you earn a commission for each qualified sign up made through your link. From your blog you can create content made to convince your audience to  buy a particular product. When they do so through your link you earn a commission.
  • Paid Reviews – some companies related to your niche can pay you for trying out their products and write an amazing review about them.
  • Selling Ebooks – with a tool like canvas, you can create an educative ebook about your blogging niche and sell it online using Woocommerce plugin.
  • As a consultant – some online enterprenuers or bloggers can pay you to help them grow their traffic and sales.

In that small list of among the the many ways that you can earn a living via blogging it is very logical that you can make money online in Kenya via blogging.

An average blogger can make a net profit of ksh 70000 monthly blogging.

Well then, if you want us to help you steadly create a blogging site for yourself after this you can leave a comment and let us know we can help you.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process by which you earn a commission for recommending a product from a certain merchant.

When you join an affiliate program from a particular company you are provided with a unique tracking link which you use to refer potential buyers to the merchant’s website.

When the customer uses your link to visit the website and makes a purchase you are accredited a small commission.

Once the cummulative earnings reach the threshold withdrawal and the time matures, you can withdraw them using the money processing services like Mpesa, PayPal, Payoneer or ACH depending on the services that the company you are affiliated to uses.

Affiliate marketing is regarded as much simpler than other methods of making money online the concept behind it is finding potential buyers and convince them to buy a particular product.

If you are searching for best affiliate programs, the affiliate networks has a lot of products for you to promote. Here is a list of the best affiliate networks for you.

Wondering how much you can make from affiliate marketing? The fact is that you are not limited. Here is a good example from Ryan’s blog.

Making money from affiliate marketing

From Bluehost affiliate’s program alone, he is able to make approximately $20000 each month. At least that can inspire you to start affiliate marketing online business and still draw a pretty income.

With the all the essential affiliate marketing tools and smart marketing techniques you are also capable of such an income.

However, affiliate does not entail sending your affiliate links vastly on social media nor is all about writing a blog post and place your links all over  your content.

If you want to learn all about affiliate marketing and the hacks to implement for higher sales I would refer you to read this guide.


Make money through freelancing

With the robust growth of internet worldwidely, there is every reason that most business owners are opting to give their businesses an online exposure.

As per Netcraft’s 2020 research and survey, by January 2020 there were approximately 1.295 billion websites available in the world wide web (internet).

That being said, these website give huge opportunities for freelancers all over the globe.

If you are a web developer, a web designer, an article writer, good in digital marketing among others, freelancing could be your pick. Working anywhere at anytime.

Upwork reported that freelancing industry worth $1 trillion which equates to nearly 5% of U.S GDP. This makes, freelancing one of the most productive industries and it is wel compared to major industries such as construction.

Over the past six years (2014 – 2020) the number of freelancers has increased by four million in US.

Freelancing industry grows to 4 million

Image source : upwork.com

This clearly indicates that freelancing industry is also among the fastest growing online industries all over the world. 

Infact, freelancing is among the online business in Kenya that requires less among of capital to get started. What you require is a PC or a laptop with an internet connection. Since everything has been simplified now days Jumia avails refurbished laptops at an incredibly price. You can check the latest offer here. 

As q freelancer you can make money online by availing any of these services.

  • Freelance writing – here you get hired to write articles in the niche industry that you are skilled at. To learn more on how to be a freelancer writer in Kenya hope into Walter Akolo’s guide.
  • Content Marketing – if marketing is your passion a company can hire you to help them market their content. This could involve generating valuable traffic from search engines, emails, social media among others.
  • Copywrighting – it entails creating content meant to trigger a customers complete a certain purpose such as making a purchase, signing up for a course or newsletter. As a copywriter you need to create quality sales page, articles, sales copy for emails or other marketing object for your client.
  • Web Designing – when you have essential skills to design a website you are way ahead of others. Clients can come and hire you to design them a website.
  • Web development – this one needs you to have a good background on HTML, CSS, Java or in short, you need coding skills to get through. As web developer, you can get hired to create and design a website, web apps or applications.
  • Graphic designing – you can get hired to create presentable infographics, ebook covers, logos and presentations.
  • Virtual Assistant – As a VA, you can get paid to edit blog posts for your clients, social media management, administrative support among others.
  • Video and podcast editing – freelancers can get paid to edit video content as well as podcasts.

When you’ve realized you field of expertise, you can move on to freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer.com  or even problogger where you can apply for freelancing jobs.

5.Sell online courses

Starting an online course in Kenya

The today’s technology has entirely changed how teaching and learning is done. So cool is it to students and instructors that they no longer need to be physically in a classroom to learn or teach.

Since the tutors and learners can access the internet, using either of their available digital device ( smartphone or a PC) the ‘teaching-learning‘ process take on with ease.

Over the past four years the E-Learning industry have been noted to grow it’s retention rates from 25% to 60% unlike the face to face learning which is configured to have a low engagement rate of 8% – 10%.

Moreover, a survey of about 2500 companies found out that, those with introspective training programs possess 218% higher income per employee and 24% higher profit margins.

How about if you start your own online course and make money online just like the eLearning providers such as Coursera and Udemy. You would probably be investing in one of the most profitable online industries.

To start an e-learning platform and sell your online courses, begin by realizing the kind topics that you feel you are very skillful at. Think about your talents, interests or your life experiences.

For example if you are a skilled web designer you will probably think of starting an online course showing your trainees on how to code and design a cool website.

That is not over, are you sure that your topic is profitable? Are there people who have the same interest? It doesn’t make any sense when you create a course on a topic that has low volume of interested individuals. Be sure that your topic or industry that you want to offer your online course on has high odds of conversion.

What follows is that you need to gather your teaching materials as well as creating a perfect structure of your course modules. At this stage, make your videos, PDF copies, templates, spreadsheets or any other teaching supporting material.

Group your course content into common themes to create a rational idea. You can use the LMS (learning management systems) such as Thinkfic, Learn Dash, Talent LMS among others.

Now set a good price for your course which is favorable to your audience. I am pretty sure that you understand your audience’s budget very well and you can scale their budget.

Well, you have everything set and your online course is ready to go boom! How do go about it, check this guide and learn how to market your brand new online course how to market your brand new online course.

Nevertheless, selling online courses is still a good way of making a reasonable amount of money online in Kenya. If you follow the correct strategies of creating and marketing your online course you are also capable of building an iconic million-dollar online business.

As from Teachable’s data, it is revealed that an average online course seller makes $25000 selling a single online course.

If you had a feeling of creating an online course and build your online hustle, I would really advise you to chip in and venture into e-learning platforms.

6. Vlogging

Vlogging for money

From entertainment, eLearning to business advertising, videos have proven their purpose and they are clearly showing an index of improve for the past three years.

Now days, most businesses are strategizing their marketing channels, heavily utilizing video hosting platforms such YouTube to trigger to boost their revenue.

From statistics done by Google, it is revealed that 2/3 shoppers were inspired to purchase a product by a video. For this reason, YouTube has really grown making it the second largest search engine after google. Not even Bing or Baidu can see YouTube.

Whether you are planning start a vlog to earn money online, for celebrity purpose or to boost your business’s sales, YouTube is a place to be.

What is cool about YouTube is that it’s a free platform. Yeah I mean you upload videos for free.

What you need is creating essential content for your audience with the help of your camcorder and a video editing software. The rest would be standing before the camera and do or speak your stuff. Easily as it sounds.

Nevertheless, you need to promote your YouTube videos and get more views as well as growing your subscription list. This is of course not a simple task. It needs you to think outside the box.

I don’t mean to discourage you but is it logical to create a video, upload it on YouTube and expect a blast of subscribers and and views. Actually it can’t. If so, how do you fix it?

First, ensure that your video content appeals your audience. Don’t forget that your video can be so fancy but if it breaks the rule of ‘quality video content’ it’s all vanity.

Even for yourself, you can’t watch a video that does not satisfy your needs.

Just imagine you were searching for  vs funny videos on YouTube and then you landed on one of that boring video. Would you continue watching it? You will immediately leave the channel and never come back. 

The same case here. If you don’t invest on content for your videos the chances of succeeding are very slim.

By this I don’t mean that you should overthink. Just think of something that has not been created before in your niche category. Or else, think of sharing your experiences like what the Wajesus Family YouTube channel does.

The wajesus family

This guy is really coming up and at the time of writing this post his YouTube channel had 350k subscribers. He made it simple! Sharing his day to day activities.

As long as your video content is bringing in some sense just get started immediately.

After accomplishing that, use a good camera to shoot your video.

It might be expensive though but a good camera (camcorder) will produce quality videos which will make your work more professional. If you are looking for one, the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera  is a lit  choice for you.

If your budget is too tight still there are good cameras at an affordable price for such the Polo Camcorder. thanks

After getting a good camera to shoot your video, you can make edits using the video editing softwares such Adobe and once done, bring your video online by uploading it on YouTube.

YouTube will automatically send notifications to your subscribers informing them that you’ve uploaded a new video.

You can also promote your new video to your followers on Instagram, Facebook and even on Twitter.

How to make money from YouTube

This are the most popular ways that you can monetize your YouTube videos.

    • Advertising – youtube helps you to monetize your videos by placing ads in your video content. However, to be eligible to join the YouTube Partners program your channel must have attain a whooping 4000 watch hrs and 1000 subscribers. From there you can link your account with the Google adsense account where you will receive an email confirming whether your application was successful.
    • Affiliate Marketing – you can create videos meant to entice your viewers purchase a certain product. From there you can place your affiliate links in your video description.
    • Brand Sponsorship – if your channel is receiving a good numbers of subscribers and viewers, you can earn money as influencer. Some of the companies can pay you for just featuring their products in your video.
    • YouTube Premium membership – YouTube has a program that helps it’s users to watch ads free videos. But for you to achieve it you need to pay a subscription fee of $9.99. As a YouTuber when the subscribed user watches your videos you earn a small amount of money of about 55% of the amount paid.
    • Fans crowd funding – you can projects and ask your fans to contribute and support them.

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping in Kenya

This is a form of retail business in which the seller accepts customers and when the orders are taken the dropshipper transfer them with all their shipping details to either the manufacturer or the fulfilment house who later ship the goods to the consumer’s premises.

Unlike the ecommerce websites which are responsible of accepting and fulilling the customers’ orders, the dropshipping company does not keep the goods sold in stock as well as fulfilling orders. 

What a dropshipping company is responsible for is just marketing and selling the involved products.

This is advantageous since it will save a company the costs of warehouse maintenance, vast staff hiring and storefront inventories.

As any other online business in Kenya, the popularity of dropshipping companies are evident. Infact by 2025 the global market worth of dropshipping industry is expected to grow to more than $ 103 billion.

That being said, dropshipping is also a perfect online industry to venture in Kenya and companies like Alidrop and Jumia Dropshipping are realizing it.

If you would like to learn more about dropshipping check this guide.

8. Online Trading

Online trading in Kenya

As long as you own a device that can access you to an internet connection, online trading gives an opportunity to make money online in Kenya.

Thanks to the ICT companies in Kenya for helping the internet world in Kenya  be non issue. 

Due to digitalization and technological advancements such as AI and trading algorithm even a beginner can dive into online trading without any barrier and still make money.

 Which is why online trading in Kenya is undoubtedly taking some good roots. 

Here are four different kinds of online trading.

  • Forex Trading – it entails buying and selling of currency with an aim of making profit due to difference in the value of currency in the global economic landscape.
  • Binary Options Trading –With binary options, you don’t buy or sell an asset. Instead, you place a bet on whether the price of an asset will go up or down within a specific period of time. You are the one who sets the expiry date, once the option expires, your account is credited when you make a profit and debited when you make a loss. 
  • CDF Trading – A contract for difference (CFD) is a form of day trading whereby traders speculate the price movements of commodities, shares, indices, treasuries, and currencies. There is no direct buying or selling of a trading instrument. 

At the moment you are now aware of the fundamentals of online trade. Therefore, you’ll need to decide on the kind of assets or securities you want to trade.

What’s next  you’ll be required to make a good choice here. That is, choosing the right broker or brokerage firm through which you’ll access the markets.

The broker you choose will have a direct influence on the kind of securities you’ll be able to trade, the kind of trading tools you’ll have at your disposal, how much money you’ll pay in fees, and the kind of final returns you can expect on your trades.

 You have to get a broker that would charge relatively low fees while still providing you with a full suite of resources to make your trading experience easier.

Once done, develop a strategy for your online trading business. Conceptualize your your ideas, plans  as well as diversifying your trading capital.

To increase your odds of making more money from online trading, use the technological tools such as stock screeners, trading bots and trading algorithm. 


As I had stated, making money online is not as an easy go process. It’s just like any kind of business where you need to strategize your marketing and customers’ handling. If you already making yourself a living, thanks to your marketing. 

May I ask now, which the businesses of above would like to start? Don’t hesitate to drop it at the comment section. 

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  1. I have really enjoyed these topics on making money online. First being a blogger, making money through the YouTube. Starting an e-store shop online that I can sell my products to customers easily.

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