Introduction To Copywriting: The “whats” & the “whos” of copywriting

You know what my friend.

Thiis, is one good example of copywriting.

Example of Copywriting

Am damn sure when some of you hear about “Copywriting” they think of blogs, online adverts and landing pages.

But you are wrong. Copywriting didn’t emerge at the age of Internet Marketing. It has been there early as this.

Copywriting has been into existence for a long time

In 1950s. With one main aim creatingcontent to entice readers buy a product from a company.

At that long period of time, copywriting has been changing and currently it’s incorporated in places where most people hangout are mostly hanging out. Where, the internet!

Now, what is copywriting? Who is a copywriter and how can you become one? This guide will be taking you step-by-step.

What is copywriting

Copywriting is a skill or field that involves creating irresistible content that is meant to attract the audience and make them accomplish a certain purpose on the involved business website.

This would involve making the audience buy a product, signup for a newsletter, click on an affiliate link among others.

Haven’t understood yet? Let me explain further.

Take a look at this website.


What does it say?

Ok, let me not pressure you into thinking. That is Semrush’s website.

From the headline this is their statement “One platform everything you need to dominate your online niche”. What does the headline speaks to you.

It tells you that, the company have a platform with all the infrastructures to help you build your business’ online visibility.

And what about the subheadline? They tell you that they their platform/software will help you improve your business’s SEO performance, help you do content marketing, analyze and track your competitors, run PPC ads smartly as well as effectively marketing your business on social media!

Wow that’s cool!

If you are probably searching for an online marketing software that will help you grow your business sales online, you would probably chose them.

Which is why, what comes after the statements is a call to action button “start now”.

Simply telling you to buy their product. 

If you were searching for an SEO tool, would you use Semrush?


Now, that’s concept behind copywriting. Creating content meant to persuade you (the reader) to buy a product, signup for a newsletter or try a product for free among other things.

A copywriter is a person who possesses copywriting skills. He/she writes sales promotional materials such as blog posts, case studies, sales letters, landing pages, product ads, brochures, video demos, testimonials among others.

What is the difference between Copywriting & Content writing?

Copywriting involves creating a copy while content writing is all about crafting content?


Of course you are. But let’s keep gliding.

A copy is a marketing material while content is about creating a piece meant for either educating, informing or entertaining.

Let’s look everything here on a business perspective.

Copywriting is a skill which primarily involves creating a marketing material that turns readers or viewers into potential customers. How? Let’s get back to our very first image on this post.

Example of Copywriting

What does it tell you. Their message is simple and clear, they are telling you to buy Airtel data bundles.

Let get back to content writing, it involves showcasing your writing ability to engage readers and offer a solution to their queries.

For example when you landed here, my main goal as the writer to sustain your attention and pass the “Copywriting” writing knowledge to you. In short, teaching all about copywriting.

You get it.

So, copywriting is creating “marketing- oriented” copy while content writing is focusing on delivering quality information to readers and later probably turn them into leads.

In future, when clients tell you that they need a copywriter you’ll have an idea what they mean.

Alternatively, when they tell you that they need a content writer you also have a clue.

How do I become a good copywriter?

Luckily, being a copywriter does not require  you some sort of a degree in maybe, “Business & Marketing” to get started.

Any literate person can become a copywriter. This are the basics you need to become a good copywriter.

1. Be good at knowing your audience’s pain points

To become a great copywriter, you should be dying to know your audience problems. Keenly listening to their complains and easily spotting their problems.

From those problem you will know the weaklings that a competing business has, what customers are not liking about their products and how you can use that opportunity to convert frustrated the customers into leads.

For example, this review from a customer about her experience with HostGator gives you a gold idea as a copywriter who creates a copy on web hosting.

Copywriting idea

And from this frustrated customer you have a clue on what she need and what they expect. She need a  web hosting company that does not compromise her tiny site’s speed while using a basic plan.


While creating a Facebook ad or any other marketing copy, you can target the customers of the same kind, by becoming creative and craft something like this.

At the end of the day, you would have attracted the troubled customers to become your leads.

In which the odds of such  customers making a conversion are very high.

BOTTOM LINE:  Spend your time knowing your audience. See what frustrates them and act responsibly.

2. Know your customers’ language

Generally, knowing your customers language help them understand how you know their problems.

Usually, customers use certain phrases to describe certain products or issues.

For example, the word  “touch screen” is basically used by consumers to describe any smartphone.

Which means, if your audience is searching on Google for “best touch-screen phones” they literally are searching for the best  smartphones.

Now, if you had optimized your copy for that keyword, they are likely to land on your site.

So if your audience call a beautiful cat a “miaoow” then don’t call it a “pretty cat” call it a “miaoow”.

BOTTOM LINE: Take your moment learning your audience language and behaviors.

3. Become a bad a$$ Persuader

The greatest task that a copywriter has is creating a copy that convince the involved audience.

If you fail to persuade them with enough concepts right from the ground, they will definitely not convert.

You have to let them know why they should buy the product, why they should signup to your newsletter, why they should signup for your product’s free trial, among other things.

As a copywriter, you should be in a position to indetify what pique their interest. Their emotions and how you can use them to drive them into make conversions.

Show them that you aren’t just selling a “miaoow” you are selling them a beautiful pet which is a cat. You ain’t selling a book, you are selling ‘gold ideas”.

That way, you would have made them become your potential customers.

BOTTOM LINE: Understand how to use words to trigger your audience and persuade them to making a conversion.

4. Clarity of your Call to Action (CTA)

Your CTAs should be as clear as possible. It should show your audience the right direction to follow after reading your copy not make them float wondering what to do next.

Ok, have a look at these two CTA buttons and tell me if you were to buy a good, which of them you would click.

Example showing clear CTA buttons with unclear ones

To cut everything short, I am pretty you are going click B1. Why? It’s basically precised to the point.

BOTTOM LINE: Make sure that all your call to actions are clear and easy to understand for your audience.

5. Ability to attract

If you want to be exceptionally great in copywriting you certainly need to know how to attract your readers.

Your copy should be perfectly crafter such that it attracts your readers at their first glance.

At this point you have to understand how to beckon your readers with your headline, entice them with a captivating introduction and push them with an clear call to action.

If you fail to grab their attention, your copy is all trash. Which means the business will not stand a chance to make a conversion.

BOTTOM LINE: Be a master of creating attention grabbing copy.

6. Eliminating ambiguity and Jargons

Have you ever come across a headline that leaves you hanging in the air or a piece which is not clear on what you should do? That is surely a very poor copy.

In copywriting, the main focus is generating leads. If the audience cannot figure out what you mean with your headline, introductions or the whole copy in general, they will never convert.

A good copy should be straight forward and easy to understand in the shortest words possible.

As a result, use short sentences and a very easy language. Run away from difficult terms that tend to confuse your readers.

BOTTOM LINE: Make your work simple to understand which is also direct to the point.

How much can a beginner copywriter make?

Copywriting is a profession that is on very high demands. Actually, according to google trends the overall global interest for keyword “Copywriting” is always escalating.

Copywriting overall global interest

If you are passionate in become a copywriter you are definitely investing in one of the most profitable online careers.

Now, there’s this question, how much can you make as a beginner copywriter.

Well, there are a number of factors that influence on how much you can make as newbie copywriter. One, to what heights does your copywriting skills reach, the industry that you focus in and how well you can pitch yourself (All this will be covered in our next guide).

Nonetheless, a beginner freelance copywriter is capable of making a handful income ranging from $5 – $20 per hour.  This as same as $500 – $5000 income salary per month.

Well I don’t know what that sounds in your local currency but am sure it’s a great income.

Wrapping Up

Copywriting is an excellent business to start online today.

As a matter of fact, internet is consistently growing and more businesses are started online each day. By which these businesses  need someone to help them create a good copy that will skyrocket their sales.

My question is, are you the one?

Let me hear from you what you think about copywriting right in the comment section.

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