How to start a blog in kenya & make ksh 150000 monthly

Are you looking for an informative guide on how to start a blogging site in Kenya as well as sure ways of generating an income from it?

Well, you shouldn’t worry for this guide has the information that you needed. What I need from is just reading it between the lines.After reading this guide you will learn what a blog is, how to create one for yourself and practical ways to make ksh 150k monthly from it.

Usually, I prepare lengthy guides and since I value my readers so much I have compiled a PDF which I can send through email right here.Before long, let’s first understand what the word ‘blog’ entails.

What is a blog

A blog is informational website/an online journal/ a newscast/ an online learning platform where a single writer or a group of writers come together and decide on what kind of information to render to their targeted group of readers.

Usually, these group of authors collect data from their industry -related topics to help their audience find answers to their questions.

A good example of a blog is what your are reading now and when you landed here you wanted to learn how blogging in Kenya works. So as blogger or writer we collect information related to what our readers are looking for.

What makes a blog to be different from a common website is that, a blog has posts which are arranged decently according to their time of publication, whereas, a website has static pages that are barely changed.

Another feature of a blog is that it has a comment section which is meant to encourage a dialogue between the author and reader.

How to start a blog in Kenya

Some few years in order to start and run a blog you had to know a bit of programming. However, as the internet grew more advanced, everything got simplified.

Which means, a newbie like you can setup his own blog without having any knowledge on HTML, CSS or any other programming language.You only need to follow these simple steps.

Step #1: Realize your expertise

To create a blog you need to first understand the kind of topics that you are interested in. It might be triggered by what you like doing, what you are skilled at or even what fascinates you.

For example, if you love dogs you can create a pet’s blog. If like hockey, you can create a blog concentrating on rendering information related to hockey.

If you are a skilled programmer, you can decide to start a blog focusing on creating content related to computer programming.

Once you’ve realized your skills or interests it’s easier for you to understand what your blog will be all about. For example, if you’re a fashion enthusiast you will opt to start a blog concentrating on fashion.

Step #2 : Think like a CEO and do a marketing research of your topic.

Despite identifying the topic of your interest you need to check on the profitability of your blog’s topic.

At first you can’t choose a topic with extremely volume of people interested in the same and hope to make a million dollars blog .It seems illogical, right? And this is why I am advising you to think like an entrepreneur.

Most bloggers will tell you to just find a topic that you have passion in and that’s all. Unless you aren’t an entrepreneur like me, you would choose to do the same.

Definitely, you are looking up to see that your own blog will worth a job replacing income.
So, the first step is to know whether your industry of interest has a sizeable number of people interested in the same.

To check it I will introduce you to a tool to help you solve this. It’s known as a keyword tool. This kind of tools will help us find the deliberate number of people searching for information related to your industry.

As you continue to follow up our blog I will teach you more on keyword tools.

At the moment we shall use a keyword tool of it’s kind know as the Ubbersuggest. Take for example you want to create a blog on ‘healthy lifestyle’, actually you would once think to write a post on how to lose weight.

To check if the kind of information has a rational crowd audience proceed to Ubbersuggest and type at the keywords section ‘how to lose weight’. This’s what meets the eye.

Marketing research

Moving on to ‘search volume’ section you can see that there are approximately 165000 persons looking from Google on how to lose weight each month. This is a pretty good number.

Therefore, getting a blogging topic with a fair number of fun audience is better of than that with little or eligible.However, the logical part of it is that the more audience your blogging niche has the more competitive it is.

Instead of struggling to compete with very authoritative blogs that have already established themselves, the best way to solve it is by narrowing your topic into a less competitive niche. If you were generally talking fashion, you can decide to focus on fashion within Kenya. This will help you target those fashion enthusiasts in Kenya.

Step #3: Find a perfect online brand name and purchase hosting space for your blog.

You’ve now chosen a blogging topic for yourself and researched about it’s profitability, so you have to decide on some more things.

First you need to find a brand name for your blog. It is also know as a domain name. It is your unique online address that can help your readers find you in the internet.

A domain is in form of the www [dot] yoursitename [dot] com/net/org/me/ and many more. For example my blog’s domain is

To get a perfect domain make sure it’s as simple as possible. Avoid a number and make it as short as possible.

When naming your blog try to get a domain with a correlation with what you want to do. For example if you are interested on fashion, you can name your blog as ‘fancyfashion‘ ,’capturefashion‘ , ‘elegant’ and many more.

Then the best extensions to choose are .com . org and To give your users easier usability it’s wise to use those extensions since they are the most common.

The other thing to do is by purchasing web hosting space for your blog. This is a service provided by web hosting companies to provide the necessary infrastructures which makes sure that your website is online all the time.

It is achieved by using special devices known as the servers.
To new beginners like you, you’ll probably wonder which  company is suited for you. Both on price, beginners friendliness, quality of services and quality support.

At the moment, we have no doubt recommending Bluehost. Over and over, it has been recommended by great bloggers world widely. For example Syed Balkhi, the owner of WP Beginner is among them. Pat Flynn honesty reveals that Bluehost is his first priority and all his sites like ‘Smart Passive Income‘ is hosted by Bluehost.

Despite that the largest blogging software which is WordPress urges it’s users to use Bluehost since it’s the most beginners friendly company. Therefore, choosing Bluehost, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Since I love you so much, I have a trick to help you save 63% of your billing from $10 per month up to $3.75 per month plus a free domain.

So to get bloggerkenya’s special Bluehost offer you need to visit them to their official website at

Then choose the hosting plan of your preference. The basic plan is lit for you.Proceed and enter your site’s name or what we call your domain.After that choose your extension and as I had urged you, the .com is the best of all. Furthermore, make sure that you get a simple name and avoid a number in your domain.

Domain registration with bluehost

If your domain is not available, you can enter another name and check it’s availability again.
Choose your hosting plan duration. Usually the 36 months plan is the best.

Choose plan duration

And as you can see it will help you save up to $2.95 per month. This is incredible.Move on and enter your billing information . It includes your personal details, addresses, contacts and the rest.

Personal details

Then select your method of payment. If you have an active credit card you can add your details and payment will be processed.

Payments details

If you don’t have one you can make your payments using PayPal. PayPal enables you to process your payments even using mpesa. What you need is an active PayPal account. You can learn how to create a PayPal account and transfer funds from mpesa to PayPal.Once you have completed your payments Bluehost will send an email confirming your purchase carrying along your login credentials.

Hurray! You already have your own domain and an active web hosting account. Now what you have remained is to build and design your blogging site. This takes us to our next step.

Step #4: Design your site using WordPress

WordPress is a blogging software which enables you to create, design and manage your blog. There other blogging software in the market but the simplicity of use makes WordPress the best.

Before we move on, most of beginners terribly confuse WordPress with

WordPress is a blogging software while is a free blogging platform which we don’t recommend at all due to a number of limitations. To access WordPress (blogging software) you need to register a domain and purchase web hosting space as I had taken you through in our previous step.

Once you are through with all your purchasing procedures you need to install WordPress from Bluehost cpanel,but, this company simplifies everything for a beginner. When you’ve completed your purchases Bluehost automatically installs WordPress for you.

To confirm it just login to your Bluehost client’s dashboard and over ‘ my sites tab’ you will see a login link which will take you to WordPress admin’s dashboard.

Bluehost to WordPress login

If you have purchased an advanced plan of the ‘basic’ plan Bluehost allows you to install WordPress on limitless sites. This means that you can install another WordPress site on a different directory path.
To get started, hover over to the ‘create site’ button.

Create new WordPress site

This will automatically launch the Bluehost installation wizard which will require you to enter your site’s name and the tagline.
Click on the next button to move on. Then you will be needed to enter the domain where you want to install WordPress. Choose your domain over the drop-down menu. After that leave the directory part empty and let Bluehost wisely choose for you. Once done click on next to continue.

The wizard will also optionally ask you to install some few essential plugins for your WordPress site.

Install plugins

Click on the next button to continue. This will initiate the installation process which will take a few moments to complete. Once the process is all successful, you will see a success message confirming the your installation.

You will receive the installation details into your email.

Customize your site

As an amazing blogging software, WordPress helps you to create a great looking blog with zero coding skills. This’s why WordPress is loved over the other blogging software such as Joomla, Drupal and Magneto.
To create one you need to login to your WordPress admin’s dashboard by typing this into your browser’s address bar ‘‘. Remember to replace ‘’ with your registered domain. For example if I want to login to my WordPress site’s dashboard I would type this ‘‘.

Entre the password and the username that you had set during the installation of your WordPress site. It will be as daunting as this but don’t worry. As time goes by you will learn how to explore everything and it will all be on your fingertips.

WordPress dashboard

At the moment I want to concentrate on the basics. Therefore the first thing you need to do is to install a theme. Themes define the architecture of your site. WordPress it self, provides over 3500 professional themes for any kind of a blog or website. Be it an online store, be it a business site, be it a pet’s blog. When I mean any, I seriously mean it. However these free themes don’t give you full customizations and if you are one of those ambitious bloggers where budget isn’t too tight, you can purchase a premium theme from companies like or the Studiopress.

If not so, WordPress got you covered and you can get a fancy theme from them totally at no cost. So, over to your site’s dashboard move on to the appearance tab and click on themes.

Install new theme

After that, proceed and click on the ‘add theme’ section. If you already have the theme in form of a zip format you can click on ‘upload’ where you will upload your theme into your WordPress site. If not so, you can proceed once you’ve clicked on ‘add theme’ button and select any theme that suits you.

Install theme

Click on the ‘live preview’ button present and then click on ‘activate’. Once done go back to the ‘appearance’ tab and click on ‘customize’. This is what you will come across.

Customize your site


In this part, you will be able to edit everything to what you will like your to look like. You can upload your blog’s logo, edit the appearance of your home page, add menu items, edit your widgets etc. If you have any issue during installation and customizing your site, our team is ready to help you create your website at no cost to you. Let us know how we can solve your issue by contacting us here.

Otherwise, if everything was successful to you we can move on without regrets and let’s move on to the next step.

Install Plugins

A plugin is a small software meant to improve the performance and appearance of your WordPress site. You essentially need to install a plugin for your blog. At first here are some few very useful plugins that you should take a step to install them before any other.

  • Yoast – It enables you to optimize your blogging site for Google and other search engines.
  •  WP Super Cache – it caches your web pages and minifies codes to improve the loading speed if your website.
  • Imagify – compresses your images thereby optimizing your blog for speed.
  • Akismet- moderates spam comments
  • Wordfence- enhances a secured environment for your blog.
  •  WP Forms- Creates amazing contact forms for your site.

In order to install one of those plugins, hover over to your site’s dashboard and click on ‘plugins’ then ‘add new’.

If you had downloaded a plugin in a zip format, you can click on ‘upload’ button to install it in your site. If not so, you can move on to the search form and enter the name of your plugin. If for example I wanted to install Yoast SEO plugin I would type it’s name on the search form like this.

Install plugins

After that proceed by clicking on ‘install’ and then ‘activate’.Once activated, the plugin will be ready to do it’s functions.

Step # 5 : Write your first piece of content and promote it

The cool thing with WordPress is that it has an editorial feature which is similar to your PC editing tools like the microsoft word.

This tool from WordPress is know as the block editor. When you have completed customizing your blog, you need to get into action and speak to the world. It can be achieved by writing a blog post.

A blog post contains your ideas and information that you want share to your audience. What you need is to go to your site’s dashboard and click on ‘post’ then ‘add new’ . Proceed and write your post’s title . Create your content and utilize the editorial features provided.

To save your work, click on ‘save draft’. When you are done writing and editing you can now click on ‘publish’ button to make your post live.

Nevertheless, creating posts is not all about ‘typing’ , ‘save draft’ and then ‘publish’. If it we’re every blog started out there would achieve tones of success. Since I don’t want you do the mistakes that most beginners make . Actually you simply need to create outstanding blog posts content. It’s the only smartest way to outdo your competitors.

First, is your content relevant to your readers? Does it match their queries? If for example you are a fashion blogger I don’t expect you to write a blog post about poem.

Make sure what you content is relevant to your readers. If you are unsure what to do unleash your content is ideas from an amazing tool like Ubbersuggest.

Secondly, is your content giving quality answers? Your content should be giving a different point of view from your competitors. Therefore you need to find content gaps from your competitors.

Make your content simple to understand, unique and share-worthy.

Thirdly, is your content findable? Apart from manually visiting your site where else can I meet your content. From this, it needs you to understand the role of SEO and know whether your blog post can be found on search engines like Google. As we move one I will teach all the SEO basics that you need to implement to rank your content on Google.

Step #6: Promote your blog posts.

As your first online brand, you have to make a public awareness that you have a new product. Otherwise, you can’t create content and just keep it to yourself.

That’s not the solution. You need readers and you have to create a path to your blog. You want to tell them, that you have a very resourceful blog that they should have a glimpse at.

In short you really need readers and the same reader are the ones that will convert and amount to a blogging income. To promote your blog just implement these strategies.

1. Promote it on social media

According to datareportal, a report that was generated on 2019 approximately 9.8 million Kenyans were actively using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. Taking your blog posts there to get readers from them is such a great choice. The major platforms that has worked for bloggers are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Let’s start of with Facebook. To grow traffic for your blog from Facebook, start by crafting a great profile about yourself. Let your followers understand who you are and what you do. This gives them a quick clue of what kind online business you are dealing with. Keep it simple and professional. Then share your blog posts at the posts section.

After this, start a Facebook business page. A Facebook page let’s your followers know that you are serious about what you do and you’re really not a spammer. Share your blog posts on your page like what we do in our page. By this you will be increasing the chances of getting more readers.

Once done, join Facebook groups related to your niche and don’t spam nor do ‘self-promotion’. For those who are not sure of what spamming is, is when you drop irrelevant links meant mostly for self-promotion. Like in our BloggerKenya Facebook VIP group we don’t limit self promotion, provided your link is relevant to the discussion.

For Twitter be active and use hashtags for your tweet to reach more people. Strategize your sharing, don’t share it once and expect a blast.

2. SEO

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. This involves all the activities that you perform to generate organic traffic from search engines like Google. When you have content related to searcher’s questions, Google takes the initiative to rank your website on the first results page. SEO is a lit option to get a sustainable ever green traffic for your blog, but since the topic is too broad, we cannot cover it here.

I therefore recommend you to take a look at our SEO masterpiece which will help learn how to optimize your Bloggerkenya to get more traffic from Google.

3. Guest blogging

Guest blogging refers to writing a post to another blogging site as a way of promoting your brand new blog. Guest blogging are very converting and personally I have seen a number of bloggers giving it a merit.

Google itself claims that guest blogging has enabled most growing blogs generate a cool amount of traffic to their blogs.
So what you need find a blog related to your niche, send a pitch email to request if the company accepts guest posts.

After that write an amazing and unique piece of content then submit it and don’t forget to ask them to link to your preferred blog posts.

4. Collect a worthy email list

Despite it’s long time of existence, emails are still a great choice to market a brand new blog. Approximately half of the world’s population actively use emails in their online activities. Which means concentrating your time building a worthy email list is a superb one step to achieving online success.

To create an email list, you need an email marketing tool. Most beginners opt for MailChimp since it let’s you to create your first 2000 traffic. Personally, I haven’t used MailChimp before but I have heard so many bloggers complaining about them.

I have been using an amazing tool known as ConvertKit and am pretty satisfied with their services. This tool helps you to create landing pages which will help convert readers into subscribers.
I also use a tool like mystickymenu to generate more email subscribers.

5. Run paid ads

If you are not on a tight budget blogger, you can invest some of your funds to generate traffic for your brand new blog. Google Ads and Facebook ads are regarded as the best options but however the case you should do it the smart way.

This is by first creating quality blog content because without content I can promise you that it will likely not work.

6. Medium and Quora

I have seen a number of bloggers exploiting these two platforms to promote their blog posts and equally good traffic. Ahrefs blog is a good example and they claim to create over 20k visits monthly from medium and quora.

Medium is such amazing since this platform enables you to republish your blog post without Google marking it as plagiarized or duplicate content.

Quora on the other hand is a question and answer platform. From quora you need to be active and participate by giving quality answers asked by your audience. From there you can link to your blog post which will effectively answer their questions at large.

Step #7:Monetize your blog

I know you have been longing for this step and as I had promised you, I had to reveal to you on how to make 150k monthly for your blog.

Well, am very serious and you really can make such amount, provided you follow the previous steps with keenness and passion. Pat Flynn, the owner of reveals to be making over $165000 monthly from blogging. This shouldn’t blind you at first and I don’t mean that you should haste and start monetizing your blog. Nope! Blogging needs patience and you need to build a reputation for your blog by creating worthy readers.

If you do so, I can assure you that the rewards are sweet. At the moment I will show you seven-proven methods that you can use to generate a good income from your blog.

1. Advertising

Definitely, advertising is among the best methods of making money blogging in Kenya .Either way, you have met some ads before in somebody’s blog either as popup or even as a banner.

The common ad publishing agency is Google AdSense and in fact the most trusted ads publisher. To make money from AdSense and to get started with them you need to add a script of code to your website.

Adsense then randomly places the ads into your blog post’s content. After that, the ad is valuated either as cost per click ( CPC) or Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM).

CPC is a type of an ad where you earn a revenue when one of your readers just click on your ad. CPM is a type of an ad where you earn a certain percentage of revenue when your ad is seen by 1000 people. If you are looking for an AdSense alternative then is a superb choice.

They too have mobilized a number of publishers
However, running ads from those intermediaries can seem unprofitable and making reasonable money from AdSense or any ads publishing agency you need a huge amount of traffic.

For example if your displayed CPC ad is valuated at $0.014, to reach the threshold income withdrawal of AdSense which is $70 you need 5000 unique clicks which is not easy to attain.

To avoid this the best thing to do is to grow traffic for your blog and sell your ad space. And from this you can agree to valuate the ad with your company that you will be advertising instead of relying on CPM or CPC.

If you grow a sizeable traffic for your blog, companies will directly contact you and request to display an ad in your blog at an agreed amount of money. You can use a plugin like Advanced Ads or Adsanity to manage ads in your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Huge numbers of bloggers use this strategy to create a blogging income. Affiliate marketing is where you get a commission for purchases made through your link.

If you have probably tried out a product from a certain company and found it amazing, you would probably want your friends to use the same. What you do is to refer your friends using a special tracking link to the website and when they make a purchase you earn a commission.

Let’s say for example you bought a smartphone from an online store like jumia at incredibly low price and the delivery was fast. So what you do is to tell your friends how amazing jumia products are and most probably they will express their interest to buy a good from them using your link. When they do so you get compensated.

To make everything clear, I want to end some confusions here. There is a great difference between affiliate marketing and pyramid schemes. The differences are well elaborate from this blog post.

To make money blogging from affiliate marketing, you need to get a product related to your niche. There are several affiliate networks to get a product you can promote such as Clickbank and Sharesales.

If not so you can find a company related to your niche, take a look at their products and check whether they offer an affiliate program. Once your application has been approved you are given a special tracking link which you can to refer clients to the merchant’s website.

3. Selling online courses

If advertising and affiliate marketing is not your pick, then selling online courses is a way off the ground to boost your blogging income. I have admired the likes of Brian Dean whose blogging income is wholly contributed by online courses.

With how most people are doing their activities online, as a blogger you can use this opportunity to sell your expertise.

If for example you are a skilled programmer, you can take this opportunity by offering an online programming course. In your eLearning program you need to create videos, templates, worksheets, cheat sheets or any other supporting material to effect your lessons.

From WordPress, you can use a plugin like learnpress to create an online course in your blog.

4. Selling digital products

Other big companies owners started off right here . Amazon, started by selling eBooks and at last ended up as among the largest ecommerce websites world widely.

As a blogging entrepreneur you can decide not to sell other people’s digital products and actually decide to create your own digital product .A digital product maybe in form of a software, an application, theme or eBooks.

A blog like ThemeIsle develop their own themes and sell them online.

If you don’t have the coding skills or programming skills to develop a software or a theme, then an e-book can work for you. You can compile your blog posts and decently arrange them into one information e-book. A tool like canvas can help you to design your e-book.

5. Selling your own freelancing services

If you know how to write amazing articles then you will be one step ahead of others. This is how bloggers like Walter Akolo make their online money. The same for you. You can sell your writing skills to your readers who have blogs like yours. You can create a ‘hire us’ page to let your readers hire you to write for them.

Other ways of making money from your blog are

6. Writing Sponsored post
7. Product review
8. Flipping websites
9. Paid membership
10. As a consultant
11. Get public speaking gigs
12. Host a paid webinar
13. Start a podcast


I think I have exhausted everything that I had kept for myself and if you haven’t understood yet, we have a detailed online course to keep you moving. If you got any enquiry you can drop at the comment section or else follow us Facebook where we can also answer your questions.

Frequently Asked questions….


Can you start a blog for free?

There are free platforms that contend to give you free hosting and free domainThis blogging platforms include Blogger,, Tumblr and Wix. However I do not recommend them because they come along with too many limitations.

At the moment I haven’t heard someone make reasonable while using them. Some will take them for a moment and soon or later shift to the self hosted platforms. Therefore, if you are serious about blogging, I can’t recommend them at all.

Can I use local web hosting companies in Kenya?
Definitely! I have watched the Kenya web hosting industry thrive and I still believe they are as good other web hosting companies.

I have personally been using Hostpinnacle for some of my sites and surely I can’t regret having them host my blogging website.The performance is amazing as well as customer support. For more details, you can check our Hostpinnacle review and why it’s our top priority web hosting company.

How can I identify a great blogging topic?

To find a great blogging topic or niche, you have to think of what you are interested in. After that understand the size of the fun audience who have interest in the same.

If your topic is too competitive try to narrow it down to a more specific subtopic.

Which is the quickest way to generate traffic for your blog.

Social media is the first priority for most newbies. If you misuse them it can really cost you. For example, if you share your URL too much on Facebook, their algorithm will mark it as a spam where they will block your URL from been share. If I were you I would concentrate on building relations with my fellow bloggers. Most of them are very willing to help you.

Do blogging really pay

Absolutely! Like any kind of a business, it needs techniques and perseverance. People are really making money from blogging. I admire the likes of Anil Agrawal an Indian blogger whose approximated blogging income range about $60000 monthly.

That is why I do recommend you to join our blogging course which is totally free and understand all the blogging hacks to help you grow.