HostPinnacle Review: Is it worth your money?

Hostpinnacle is among the fastest growing web hosting companies in Kenya. They have been acknowledged by Kenic as among the top domain registering  companies in Kenya.

Being at the helm of the web hosting technology, they are dedicated to render quality hosting services to their clients, both for small websites and large website. 

As they continue to break through, a number of website owners are opting to get their websites hosted by them but should it mean that they are right for you? Should you sign up for their web hosting services?

Well if you are a hardcore online entrepreneur like me, who isn’t easily blown by fancy marketing then I got everything covered for you in our Hostpinnacle web hosting review.

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While we are reviewing a web hosting company we assess on the following characteristics.

  • Quality & Affordability– do their services worth the price. How determined are they to cater for small business owners whereas quality isn’t compromised.
  • Security – how do they make sure that your site is secured to both the user and the website owner.
  • Speed– how responsive are their servers to render a high speed website.
  • Uptime guarantee– How dedicated are they to make sure that your website doesn’t experience any minute of offline or downtime.
  • Support-how is their team dedicated to give quality support to their customers.

Therefore let’s dive in.

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About Hostpinnacle

Hostpinnacle is a web hosting company and an innovative ICT center.They provide web hosting, domain registration, web design services along with their bulk SMS services.

Back on the year 2019, Hostpinnacle was accorded as the third domain registrar by KENIC beating the other older brands in the market such said Sasahost and Kenya Website Experts

Hostpinnacle provide shared hosting services under three categorical packages. They have the basic plan, the standard plan and the executive plan. They also provide a reseller package for those who are willing to start their own web hosting business company.

All the three shared hosting plans have the following things in common.

    • Free SSL
    • Free lifetime domain for,.com and .org
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Unlimited email accounts.
    • You can install unlimited number of websites.
    • Free mpesa integration
    • Favorable storage space starting at 30gb for basic plan, 100gb for standard and unlimited space for executive package.
    • 30 days money back guarantee if their packages does not satisfy you.
    • 1000+ site building templates

Prices overview

This company provides cheap and affordable hosting plans starting at ksh 1500 annually for basic plan, ksh 3500 annually for standard plan and ksh 10000 for the executive package.

In fact, if you choose the executive plan they reward you by giving you a free web design service by one of their experts.

This a bit enticing but let’s compare their plans with bluehost which is among the web hosting giants world widely.

To create a website with bluehost with the most basic plan, you need to pay for it’s annual plan which costs $70 (ksh 7000).

This plan only allows you install one website and a disk storage of 30 gb.

However, for HostPinnacle, it will cost you ksh 1500 per year to create a website with them. This is approximately five times cheaper than bluehost. Plus you will receive a free lifetime domain and you can also install limitless sites.

If you are looking for a very affordable web hosting company to get your business online then Hostpinnacle is here for you.

Speed Test

The loading speed of your website is very critical on the success of your online business.Do you remember how frustrated you are the last time you were exploring a very slow website.

You quickly left it and immediately jumped to the other one which was a bit faster, right? Nevertheless, Hostpinnacle boast of offering plans that are optimized for speed using the powerful litespeed webservers and NVMe SSD’s.

To confirm it we had to gauge their speeds using a three-phased experiment and recorded what we got.

So we went ahead and purchased the Hostpinnacle’s basic plan. This was to ascertain that they offered quality performance even for their most basic package.

After that we created our site using a very light weight theme. For this case we installed the 2020 default WordPress theme. We then ran our test using a powerful speed test tool known as Pingdom and this is what we got.

Speed test 2 using Pingdom

As you can see, our site took approximately two seconds to fully load. This is great, considering that we did not implement any web page speed optimization techniques such as , caching, minification and compression. If it were, our site would probably be wickedly fast.

Nonetheless, this simple experiment could not make us rule over that HostPinnacle is ideal for high speed websites.Instead,we changed our speed test strategy and this time round, we wanted to know how our site would behave if we made our site more heavier.

This time round we installed Hestia theme and imported all it’s demo content and installed a few third party plugins among them being Jetpack. Hestia is a bit heavier with a lot images in their demo websites. What next, we ran our test on Pingdom and this was our result.

Speed test using pingdom

There was a slight change in our tests but still it was under 3 seconds concisely with no caching, minification nor compression.

However we were never satisfied and since we wanted to dig deeper in our research a smart idea struck into our research.

Therefore,we took a further step. This time, we wanted to see how the HostPinnacle servers would behave if we had multiple users accessing our site. What we did is that we hopped into Load Impact tool where we sent 100 virtual users to access our site at the same time. After that, this is what recorded from Load Impact.

Load impact results from HostPinnacle

The blue line represents the number of active virtual users on our site and the green line is the time that the HostPinnacle’s servers took to load. From our record you can see that the server’s load time remained stable throughout our test.

This implies that HostPinnacle is suitable for fast websites and is not easily affect by traffic spikes. So, if speed is your priority then choosing HostPinnacle, you wouldn’t be wrong.


The security of your site is very essential and a web hosting company should ensure that they provide a secured environment for your site. While you sleep you are sure that your site is on the safe hands. Furthermore, your web hosting company should ensure that your site is not in the risk of going offline.

HostPinnacle id dedicated to ascertain that your site is secured to both you and your website’s users.

First of all they include a free SSL certificate in all their plans to make sure that your site is friendly to your users. To know whether your site is secured, at the browser’s address bar there’s a padlock icon indicating that your website is secured. Here’s a good example

Site secured

To reinforce their security, HostPinnacle offers free site backups through the jetbackup. So you don’t have to worry on how to get back your site incase you mess it up or incase of an attack.

Furthermore, this company stores your data on RAID Arrays to protect your site ever going offline due to hard drive failure.They also implement a cloud -hosting technology to minimize any chance of your site experience a downtime. Incase the server where your site is hosted experience any technical fault your site is  automatically  moved to another server that is active.

Customers’ support

Customer’s support is crucial while you are choosing your web hosting company. A good company should be concerned to respond to their customers’ issues as quickly as possible.

HostPinnacle is concerned to offer support to their customers by all means. They provide support through a support ticket, live chat, WhatsApp and through phone.

HostPinnacle live chat support

So far, during our research we never faced any problem with their support staff. I loved how Brian responded to my calls whenever I called him. So I can assure you that their crew is a group of quality professionals.

Pros and cons of  HostPinnacle

Every product has its benefits and limitations. HostPinnacle is no difference,then, I will highlight the pros of using HostPinnacle plans well as it’s cons.


  • A free lifetime domain
  • Cheap hosting
  • Quality support
  • High uptime of 99.98%
  • Blazingly fast websites
  • Free site migration if your previous host doesn’t satisfy you.


    • Their extremely cheap plans can be daunting for most clients.
    • They only offer shared hosting which means if you have large sites that need VPS plans and Dedicate plans, HostPinnacle cannot be a good choice.

Your Turn Now

I am pretty sure that I have exhausted all you had to know about HostPinnacle and now the entire decision lies on your hands.

Well, what do you think about HostPinnacle. Are they right for you? Please share it at the comment section.

May ask, have you used HostPinnacle’s plans before? What was your experience with them?Please share your reviews at the comment section. Whether good or bad.We’ll publish them no matter what.


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