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I Need Help On How To ...?

Start A Blog

A guide that will take you through on how to create a successful blog with zero coding skills

Choose a perfect web hosting company

With what we've tried and analyzed we help you find a perfect web hosting company for your site

promote my online brand

Learn the both technical and none technical ways of creating an SEO friendly website and web content.

Master email marketing

A step by step guide to walk you through on how to build an email list and perfect your CTR

Boost my affiliate sales

A simpler way of building a successful affiliate site and generate a passive income online.

Craft quality blog content

Strategizing your writing techniques to creating web content (blog content) that is friendly to both humans and SEO bots.


What others say about Blogger Kenya

I have been closely following BK's work and I can't hide that I admired this amazing blog.
Walter Akolo
Walter Akolo
Founder of Freelancerkenya.com
I thought I was the only one but this blog...? This a perfect place for both professionals and beginners to grow their skills
Jimmy Ombomo
Jimmy Ombomo
Marketing Consultant at getsales.africa