Revealed! What’s the real cost of starting a blog in Kenya : 2020 Update

Cost of starting a blog in Kenya

Are you planning to start a blog in Kenya?

Then you must be wondering how much it would cost you to get one for yourself. Landing here it was not by mistake since I got everything covered for you.

From this article, I will help you get answers for two main questions that you were probably asking yourself.

First, you will know the real cost of starting a blog in Kenya.

Secondly, you’ll know how you can make money  from that particular blog as a beginning blogger.

Sounds amazing right? Let’s quickly dig right deep in.

Why blogging in Kenya is still a great way to make money online

From Glassdoor stasts which is based on a number of submitted salary reports, it is revealed that an average blogger can make $25000 yearly blogging.

This is approximately $2084 monthly income. Converting it into Kenya local currency it’s about ksh 208400 of  monthly income.

Isn’t it awesome?

Now, how much can you make as a beginner then?

If you are willing to do blogging the right way it’s possible that you can make $200 – $500 monthly blogging in Kenya and your income can steadily grow upto the whooping $2000 monthly.

You can join our free blogging course where we take you a step-by-step and learn how to grow your blog right from a scratch.

Then, what are the requirements to start blogging in Kenya

At least you are inspired now. From this section we shall dive deep into all the essentials that you need in order to kick start your blogging career right away.

1. Know why and what to blog about ( cost $0)

You can’t wake up one day at the middle of the night and out of nowhere claim that the following day you need a blog.

It’s very illogical of course.

You need to do things out of a plan and a plan will cost you nothing but your time.

First of all things, ask yourself this simple question, why do I really need a blog? To make money online ? Is it to build a reputation for my business’ brands. Is it for fame or am I doing it just for fun.

Now, you don’t have to tell me why you need that blog but am pretty sure that  you know the reason why you need it. Your reasons should act as your driving force towards that goal of blogging.

The second question, what do I want to talk about in my blog?

To create a successful blog in Kenya you have to identify the industry that intrudge you in which you would like to venture and build your audience.

In short, what kind of topics that evoke your interests. What kind of discussions that fascinate you on which you would love to share to your ideal readers. Is it  all about fashion? Is it about sports or is it about business.

On the other hand you can find your blogging industry (niche) by what you are also skillful at.

Take for example you are among those successful fashion sellers. Since your heart and skills revolve around fashion you would therefore think of brainstorming your content ideas about fashion.

2.You need an internet accessing device( cost $200 -$400)

When you choose to blog be sure that internet will be your closest buddy. Everything needs internet here. From content creation, blog content outreach and even the technical back end. 

Although the basics of it such as comment moderation, uploading images, plugin installations and even all the cleanups can we’ll be done using a smartphone you’ll need a powerful gadget such as a Laptop or a desktop.

I love a laptop over the desktop since it’s portable and you can continue with your blogging activities even when you are away from your working premises.

That’s the greatest fun about blogging. Working anywhere at anytime.

If you already your own laptop or desktop well and good. You will be ready to begin your blog career and what you’ll  need is making sure that it can access the internet.

If you still don’t have one and you are planning to buy one, we are among those few companies that care about their readers. 

So, I managed to collaborate with Jumia Kenya (the largest online store in Kenya)  and they agreed to give our esteemed readers a 45% discount when they make a laptop purchase through the special link button below.

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You got your laptop now, what you need further is accessing it to the internet. The major purpose of buying it is to facilitate your blogging activities which can only be done if you can connect your device to an internet service provider.

You can purchase the internet service from companies such as Faiba or Safaricom if you are in those areas enabled with Faiba coverage. 

Or you can purchase the MIFI dongles and subscriber to networks such as  Telkom, Airtel or even Safaricom where you will be paying your internet subscriptions on monthly basis. 

3. Register your domain and buy hosting for your blog ( cost $15 -$70)

This is the blog itself. You cannot start any self hosted blog without either of this.

It is possible to forego step #2  since at chance you might own a laptop and have internet or you can decide to start your blogging with a smartphone and do the basics. 

But this step you need a domain and web hosting space to have your blog ready and online.

Digging dipper, a domain is your online site’s address in this form ‘’  or .org ,, .net and many more depending on the extension that suits you better.

The web hosting space is a service provided by a company to avail the resources so that your blog is online 24/7 using special computerized devices known as servers. 

Domain registrations can costs between $0 – $50 depending on the company you choose.

The web hosting expenses can go from as low as $0.75 upto $1000 monthly also varying with the company and the size of your site.

Since you are just starting out I will help you get the prices and the company that just suits you best to avoid overspending or landing onto a company with poor services.

Personally I have been using HostPinnacle to host this blog and I can promise you that I have never had an issue with them.

Speed checked …. Uptime checked …. customers’ support checked ….prices checked. 

Why would I denied you the chance of testing their services and be their happy customers like me.

Furthermore, I will show a trick that will help you get a domain for free and only pay for hosting.

To get yourself a domain for free use my exclusive link button below 👇.

Unlock your free domain

t on and choose your web hosting plan. At the moment I recommend you to get started with the standard plan. It has more advanced features, a larger space, free mpesa intergration  among others.

Buying the standard web hosting package from HostPinnacle

Then proceeded to register your domain. That’s exactly the name of your your blog. You can just keep it simple by using your name instead.

Then from the dropmenu choose your extension either as  .com or or .org. Avoid the rest. Research has shown that blogs with those extensions have low performance on search engines. Once done click on ‘check button‘ to see if your domain is available.

Registering a domain with HostPinnacle

If your domain is available click on the ‘continue‘ button and when it’s not available then it means someone already has the same domain. You can make slight adjustments and then check it again.

As I had promised that you’ll get a free domain, here it should appear in your order summary.

Free domain registration with HostPinnacle

Use you next two clicks on ‘continue’ button until you land to this page which will require you to enter your blog’s company details. 

Enter your billing information

Choose your methods of payments under which you will receive the instructions on how to go about it. 

Immediately you confirm your payment you will receive an email with all your blog’s hosting details.

You already have your own domain and purchased your web hosting space.

Woohoo, it’s time for a mini – celebration…

What you’ve remained is bringing your blog online and build it.

4. Designing your blog (cost $0) 

To bring your blog online and design it, you need to accomplish two tasks.

One, you have to install WordPress from your cpanel. I will show you how go about it, so don’t worry.

Two, you need to get a theme for your site. WordPress has over 4000 free themes for you. Currently you don’t need to pay a web devoloper to create a theme for your blog, also, I will take you through that.

1. Install WordPress

To this accomplish you need to login to your cpanel. You can do this by going to your HostPinnacle’s clients area and click on the cpanel link below.

Login to cpanel from HostPinnacle's clients area

Once you’ve  logged in to your cpanel dashboard, scroll down to ‘Softculous Apps Installer’ and then click on ‘WordPress’.

Click on WordPress to install

Use your next click on ‘install’ to go ahead.

Selecting a theme to install WordPress

Fill in the form revealed. 

For the directory part I suggest you leave it empty if you are installing WordPress on your primary domain. 

Enter your site name and description. Set your your site’s username and password. For the username avoid using ‘admin’. Make your username a hard guess. For the password get a strong one. Combine letters with numbers and even the special characters.

When you have completed it hit on install button and wait for the installation to take place.

WordPress installation in process

It won’t take long, just about 30 seconds on an average internet connection.

Wow! Wow! I love how you easily capture things. Great! Just one more thing then your site is ready.

2. Install and customize your theme

A wordpress theme is the general appearance of your WordPress site.

WordPress gives you themes of all kind of websites, be it a blog, an ecommerce site, a business website or even a portfolio site. 

And as I had said, you don’t require to pay a web developer to create and design you a website. WordPress has made it simple. You can design a blog for yourself in a drag and drop process.

How do you go about it?

First login to your WordPress site by typing this in your browser’s address bar.

Please just remember to replace ‘yourblogname’ with the actual domain that you’ve just registered.

This is what you will come across.

WordPress login

If you can remember during installing of WordPress you had created a password and a username right from cpanel.

Great, that’s exactly what you are going to use inorder to login to your WordPress site. 

The dashboard at your first glance can be as confusing as this

WordPress dashboard

Don’t get terrified by this since as you go on , you will become a wordpress pro like me.

Our aim is to install a theme. Hover on to your site’s dashboard, and click on ‘appearance’ then ‘themes’.

Installing your WordPress theme

At the top section, click on the ‘add new’ button . 

For our case example, we are going to install ‘hestia’ theme. It’s one of those beautiful and versatile themes. On the search tab type ‘hestia’.

Installing hestia theme

Install and activate the theme.

Once done, go to the ‘appearance‘ tab, click on ‘customize.’

This will lead you to the customizer tab where you will be required to edit the theme as to what you would like it to appear.

Customizing your hestia theme

For example you can click on ‘site identity’ to upload your blog’s logo

Upload site Logo

Once you finish playing around with customizer don’t forget to hit on ‘publish‘ button to save your changes.

What do you do after creating a blog?

Blogging basically involves you creating content meant to teach, inform, inspire or provoke your readers.

Earlier on I had informed you that before you think of getting started with blogging its important to first understand the blogging topics that intrudge you.

I hope you can remember all that.

When you are done with customizing your blog, you need to jump right to your next goal. Speaking to the world. Of course writing a blog post and share your content to your ideal and targeted readers.

This is how you go about it..

1. Brainstorm your content ideas for first masterpiece

Here is where the real art of blogging lies. 

Creating a blog post is not taking up a topic, make a Google search ,reharsh everything then boom, you hit on the  publish button and then share it massive to your Facebook friends.

You will be like, kicking rocks. Going nowhere actually…

What is required of you is to assemble your ideas and make them a rational topic. Not hard anyway.

Let’s assume I am a health & lifestyle specialist and what I want to write a post teaching my audience on how to lose weight.

So what i will do is that I will first monitor what my competitors say about it. Just by a Google search I will type this key phrase ‘ how to lossing weight’.

As you can see there are a number of blogs teaching you on how to lose weight.

Content research

Then exploring the first five of them and note the message that they are conveying. 

What I would do is to think of how I can make my content ten times better than theirs. Maybe I can run a project and try out some new ways. Then I would collect data from my project to make my work more appealing.

Or else I would give deeper insights than what my competitors do with the help of rich media content such as infographics, images and videos.

Afterwards, i would become more creative by  creating a catchy blog post title to encourage more clicks to my blog.

Back to our example, instead of using the generic title ‘how to lose weight’ I can make make it more intuitive like this, ” 10 healthy tips to losing weight quickly”

The second title is likely to attract readers click through and read my blog content than the first one.

2. Promote your blog posts

It’s illogical when your create content, publish it and then waiiit… wait for  readers to find you.

You need to make a content outreach. This is to tell your readers that you got a blog post and it would be worth checking it out.

This is how to promote your first new blog post.

(a) Share it on social

Social media is usually the first platform for new beginners since most of them are already into it .

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are three great platforms that work great for bloggers. 

For Facebook, you can create a business page and share your content to your Facebook page lovers while in Twitter you can  twit your content to your Twitter followers.

LinkedIn is another great platform to share your blog content. If you want to know all about LinkdeIn marketing this guide from Hubspot has everything you’ll need.

(b) List building

You can also promote your new blog by creating a list of email subscribers and send them a message to tell them about your posts.

Infact email marketing has been among those platforms that work very best when done in a smart way.

The likeliood of your email subscriber to read your emails and visit your blog is high than  your social media followers click your blog post link.

Emails are great assets to a blogging site.

If you want know more about list building hope into this guide and get inspired.

(c) Optimize your content for search engines.

If you want real and evergreen traffic for your blog, SEO will take care of you. 

A number of bloggers claim that 57% of their blog traffic come from search engines like Google.

Then I bet you see how essential SEO is important when you want to generate traffic for your brand new blog.

Here is a brief explanation of how to optimize your blog posts for Google.

  • Write quality and original content.
  • Search for less competitive keywords .
  • Build backlinks to your blog content.
  • Lengthy content does better.
  • Optimize your images.

Although there other ranking factors that Google uses to rank web pages on the first results page I would otherwise refer you to this SEO guide from Moz.

(d) Collab with other bloggers

You can hardly make blogging a success if you decide to be a ‘man of his own island’… you know what mean.

Bloggers are very kind people and they are always there waiting for you to be your buddy.

But so sad if you approach them using the wrong way. This could be sending them a spammy email, be kind of boastful of your minute blog knowledge.

You actually need a favor from them and so do you have to approach them using the right way. Subscribe to their newsletter, share their content leave super helpful comments and this will trigger them. They will start developing an interest in you.

They will even start linking to your content if it’s helpful to their audience.

(e) Answer Questions on Quora

Another place where you meet high quality audience for your site is this place. Quora.

It’s a question and answer website where you meet all kind of people from different niches.

From Quora you can easily target your audience and let them follow you. 

First, create a good profile and tell your audience who you are. It would be worth it since it will inform the Quora algorithm on what kind of topics to avail to you.

Move on and follow the kind of topics that are related to your blog niche. This will help drive quality traffic to your blog content.

Then go for it and start answering questions in a very skillful way. Link your blog content which is similar or might be resourceful to your answer. If your answer finds value  before your audience it will receive more upvotes and ranked at the top.

Correspondingly, more views for your answer and more clicks to your blog content.

How to make money blogging in Kenya

You have your blog ready now, built a quite a sizeable audience and what you’ve remained is making money from that blog.

This is the sweetest part of blogging.

The reason why I write this step as the last is because you shouldn’t allow money to drive you blindly in your blogging career. Making money from a blog comes out a reward not a priority.

First, focus on creating blog content that gives awesome answers to your audience. Actually that’s the reason why most new bloggers terribly fail.

Nevertheless, this chapter will show you the tried and proven ways in which you can make money blogging in Kenya.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This refers to an online program in which you make money by sending potential clients to a merchant’s products page using a special tracking link and when they make a purchase you are given a commission.

The concept behind it is just finding a perfect product for your audience and then make them buy it. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways you can generate an income blogging in Kenya.

The best thing about this method is that you necessarily don’t have to build a huge traffic to make reasonable income from your blog.

Even with your 1000 monthly visits you can still monetize your blog through affiliate marketing.

The other good thing about affiliate marketing is that you are not limited to how much money you can make.

Even that 1000 monthly visits you can make a good percentage of them convert and not just convert but occasionally convert.

The secret behind it is building a relationship with your audience and strategize your marketing. Using even cool videos to trigger them.

Videos work. Infact a research by Google shows that 2 out of three buyers make a purchase through an enticement from a video.

From his income reports, a guy like Harsh Agrawal claims to be making $25000 monthly online from affiliate marketing alone.

So in reality affiliate marketing works and can make you a job replacing income while blogging.

2. Advertising 

If you are not a funatic of referrals and constantly sending promotional emails to your subscribers to inform them of a certain product then advertising to make money form your blog would be your pick. 

What you will concetrate on growing is your blogs traffic.

Unfortunately, this method would need you to have huge traffic to make a good income. Somewhat the advertising firms will pay you peneats with your little traffic.

If you are good on writing blog posts that will encourage more click through rates adverts can do effectively.

Ads are valuated either as CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).

CPC ads pays the publisher a certain percentage of money when your web user clicks on your ad.

CPM are types of ads for each 1000 impressions that your ad achieves.

Here are some of the advertising agencies that pay publishers for ads in their blogs.

  • Google Adsense.
  • Infolinks
  • Propellerads

Nevertheless, instead of relying on this advertising agencies who act as the the intermediary between the advertiser and the ad publisher you can decide to sell an ad space directly to companies who would like yo advertise on your blog.

From here you will have direct control of your advertising policies and how much you can charge for your ads.

3. Offer freelancing services

At the moment am pretty sure you know how to create your own blogging site, great, you are a step ahead of other ordinary business people. 

Can you write quality blog content that ranks on Google? Can you grow a blog’s traffic right from a scratch?

That’s where freelancing chips in. 

There are a number of website owners who are hiring such specialists to design them a web or writing quality articles for their blogs or even do marketing for them.

To find such clients go to the freelancing websites such as Upwork and Fiverr . Or else on job posts in websites like Problogger.

4. Sell online courses

Blogging can also give a platform to launch and run an eLearning program and sell your courses to your targeted students. 

Take for example you run a blog teaching people on the basics of computer programming, you can decide to create an awesome course detailing all your computer programming skills.

All you need is to prepare your tutorials and any other teaching supporting material which you will use to effect your teaching process.

With a learning management system like Thinkfic you can easily create your online course, launch it market it online.

Selling online courses has also been regarded as among those methods you can create a great income while blogging.

5. Publishing sponsored posts 

Blogging is fun! Do you some of the brands can pay you to have their brand’s content just in your blog?

Publishing sponsored blog posts is advantageous than ads since this doesn’t disrupt your readers.

Usually, this is after you have generated a good and stable traffic size to your blog.

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