Affiliate Marketing In Kenya: how you can earn ksh 100000 monthly

Affiliate marketing in Kenya

Imagine waking up in the morning, checking one of your affiliate’s dashboard and what meets the eye is this .

Passive income through Affiliate Marketing

Ohh hold on! Take up a deep breath, rub your eyes and check it again! Is it really possible to make $31,415 from affiliate marketing in Kenya?

If you think it’s not possible then someone made this within a month from Cloudways. At least it should act as an inspiration if you’re giving up in your affiliate marketing journey and probably you could make 1/100 of what he made.

However the case, if you think that posting your affiliate links and sending them vastly to all your friends is all you’ve got to do then you are one step to a thousand miles.

Well, I don’t mean to discourage you, rather I want to show you the smarter way of doing affiliate marketing in Kenya.

So, from this guide I will cover everything you need to know about affiliate marketing in Kenya, smart ways to boost your affiliate sales and lastly I will unveil ten affiliate opportunities that you would probably not want to miss.

Disclaimer : Some of our links are affiliated. Which means we may earn a commission when you  make a purchase through our links at no total cost to you.

First of all let’s understand what the word ‘affiliate marketing‘ means.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to an online program where you earn a commission for recommending a product from a particular company.

Let’s break it down.

First we have the merchant or the company that owns the product. Then we have you who is the publisher or in the other name you are the affiliate. As an affiliate/publisher, you need to find a product from a company of your interest.

Let’s say you want to fashion products online and earn a commission. What you do is gettting a company that sells the products, then check whether it offers an affiliate program. If it has, the next is joining them.

What follows is that you are provided with a unique tracking link which you will be using  to refer potential clients to their website.

When the buyer make a purchase, you are accredited a small commission where you can withdraw it using the money processing services like Mpesa, PayPal, ACH or maybe deposited to your bank account depending on the  channels that the company which your are affiliated to uses.

Is affiliate marketing free to join?

Absolutely! If someone just told you that you need to pay a fee to join an affiliate program, then assume the opportunity.

However, some companies advice you to purchase their services in order to effectively understand how their products work which is not a must anyway.

What is the difference between affiliate marketing and pyramid schemes

Some people tend to confuse affiliate marketing with pyramid schemes. There is a great difference though.

As I had stated earlier affiliate marketing is where you earn a commission for every purchase of a product made through your link. This means that you are up for those potential buyers who are looking for a product.

However pyramid schemes also known as Mult-Level Marketing (MLM) is a different case here. They are not free to join. When you join them you are required to pay an activation fee to access their membership. After that you are required to find individuals who would be interested to join them.

Then you have to refer them and tell them to pay a membership fee. When they do so you earn a referral commission.

This is a simple illustration of how a pyramid scheme looks.

Pyramid scheme illustration

In real sense pyramid schemes don’t offer a product in return.It’s just a referral program. In our research we don’t really recommend such kind of programs since most of them tend to fool you with the ‘get rich quickly’ notion.

Affiliate Marketing in Kenya

To create a profitable affiliate marketing business, it’s not a simple job. Either way, when done the smart way, I can promise you that it’s a way off the ground.

What is needed of you is to follow these simple detailed steps to get on.

Step #1: Find a perfect product for your prospects

If you really want to succeed in affiliate marketing you have to understand your audience very well. Which is why you have to know the kind of products that they might need.

Also you need to gauge their buying potential.

It doesn’t make any sense when you are recommending an expensive product to your audience because just it pays you huge commissions. Yet, there’s a cheaper alternative.

Your prospect will give it a cold shoulder and what they will do is getting a person who would help them get a product that suits their budget as well as their needs.

While identify a product for your audience you need to note the categorical topics that they are interested in. If you have a bunch of fashion lovers you would of course sell them products related fashion.

Once you’ve understood your audience’s interests, geta company that sells the products and check if it offers an affiliate program. If they don’t you can personally contact them and inform them about your initiative.

If you are tired of exploring through and contacting those companies then the affiliate networks such as CJ affiliates, Sharesales, Impact radius and Clickbank got you covered.

Also the e-commerce websites offer affiliate programs where you can earn a commission for every sale you make. Here are the best four for Kenyan affiliates.

I am pretty sure there are huge numbers offering the products and not all may be suited for your audience.

What is required of is to scale your audience’s budget in order to sort what you feel is cost effective to your audience.

Therefore, a product is not just a product. Make sure that it fits your audience’s needs and most importantly their budgets.

Step #2: Start a blog

A blog is an informational website with posts arranged decently in a reverse chronological order. This means that the recently published posts appear first with the older posts following.

Starting a blog is very very vital for your affiliate marketing activities and it acts a a medium where you educate your fun audience. So far it’s among the few platforms that work effectively for affiliate marketers.

To start a blogging site in Kenya you need to register a domain and purchase web hosting space for your blog. Once done,you have to install WordPress, then select your theme.

To understand what you need to create a blog in Kenya I would refer you to this masterpiece.

Step #3: Create unbeatable content about the product

Your content should aim on educating your readers not push them to buy a product. When they notice it, they will likely not convert.

First, help your readers understand what the product is all about ,why they need that product, the pros and cons of using it. This means that you should first understand the product yourself. You can’t promote something that you have no idea of what it is. It’s seems so illogical, right?

If you don’t, then start by purchasing one.

So amazing that even some companies offer you free trial periods to assess their services. Others offer money back guarantee.

You can use these opportunities to fully research about the product and before the agreed period ends you can cancel the plan and the money will be refunded back to you.

Your personal experience will help you unveil a lot about the product and will definitely help your during promotion.

If you are just starting up and you don’t have the funds to buy a product and reviewing it, you can contact the affiliate manager and ask them to provide educational materials about the product that you are promoting.

After collecting your data craft outstanding content about the merchandise. 

Step #3: Make a content outreach

Of course you don’t create that piece of content and keep it to yourself. You are up to getting more sales which means you are necessitated to reach your targeted audience.

Once they’ve found value in the product that you are promoting, they will get convinced and purchase it.

Inorder to reach your clients and make them convert here is what you need to do.

1.Create an email list

According to Neil Patel approximately 3.9 people have an active email and 66% of consumers have made and an online purchase due to a message sent to them through email.

Furthermore, about 72% of consumer advocate emails as their prior conduct of communication with their companies.

Therefore, choosing to promote your affiliate products through emails is truly a great choice.
What you need is to create a list of email subscribers.

Use an email a tool like ConvertKit to collect email subscribers for your blog. Make a subscription form and place it on the side bar of your blog content.

Craft a creative lead magnet to generate more subscribers. A good example is when you create a popup form promising to give your readers a free ebook in exchange of their email.

Like for my self I use this lead that is highly optimized for mobile users.

Lead magnet more affiliate sales

At at the top of the blog content, I have created a sticky banner promising my prospects a free blogging course. Once they click on it they are lead to a landing page with a subscription form. From there, I start educating then about blogging where I send them tutorials to their emails.

After that I send them products that they need to start a blog where I place an affiliate link.
To create this amazing banner I use a tool known as mystickymenu which I can confess that it’s effective since it doesn’t compromise the user ability of readers in my blog.

Optimize your content for SEO

SEO helps you increase your organic traffic. The more traffic that your site is receiving the higher your rate of conversions is

To optimize your content for search engines this how to do it.

  • Earn quality Backlinks for your content.
  • Internal linking.
  • Target longtail keywords
  • Optimize your meta data.
  • Avoid any broken link.
  • Improve your site’s loading speed.
  • Fix duplicate content.

The power of videos

People are really into videos and this makes YouTube the second largest search engine after Google .

For this reason not everything can be grasped and explained through words. This is where the video chips in.

Make a vivid video explaining about the product and even show how a product works in your video. At the end it’s easier to convince your audience to purchase the product.


This requires you to fish out some little cash. Which means that you need to do it with a bit of keenness.

CPC is an abbreviated word cost per click. It’s type of advertising where you pay the ad publisher for according the number of clicks that your ad receive.

CPC can help you generate more affiliate sales. Let’s do some maths here. Assume your advertising cost is Ksh 1500 for 500 unique clicks for an advert that pays you ksh 2000 per sale.

From the 500 unique clicks let’s say that only five of them covert. So the total commission that you will earn 10k. After that subtract the ad expense which is 1500.

Therefore the net revenue that you will be accustomed to is 8500.

Quora Marketing

How do feel when someone consults you about a certain product or problem relating to your industry. You feel honored right?

Well if you are searching for platform that will help you increase your referral traffic hence sales then quora has been there for you.

Quora is a question and answer site whose rapid growth is evident. What is amazing about quora is that it drives you quality traffic and the reverse should happen. Giving quality answers.

When a question pop ups immediately engage with the person enquiring about the the product and answer the question in a very simple and satisfactory way. This will increase your upvotes thereby more traffic.

To learn more about quora marketing CrazyEgg prepared this guide for you. 

10 best affiliate programs available in Kenya

I had promised you that I will disclose approximately ten affiliate programs for you and as usual I have the list here.

Can we have a glimpse?

1. Bluehost Affiliates

Bluehost is among the leading web hosting companies worldwidely. They are the most recommended company for both small websites and huge websites.

Taking an initiative to promote them, you are certainly not wrong.

Despite offering web hosting services, bluehost comes along with an affiliate program for you.

This company pays you a commission of $65 for every qualified sign up made through your link.

However, the more people you bring to purchase bluehost’s products the more earn. Take a look at this.

  • 1 to 5 qualified sign up within a month ==> $65 per sign up.
  • 6 to 10 signups ==> $75 per sign up.
  • 11 to 15 signups ==> $100 per sign up.
  • 20 + sigups ==> $120 per sign up.
  • 50 +  signups ==> $150 per signups.

Literally, your earning potential is not limited. From the above commission structure, you can see that the more signups you make the higher your commission per qualified sign up.

Once you join the bluehost affiliates program you are provided with numerous resources such as banners and custommed links. Your commission matures within 45 days and is paid using PayPal.

2. HostGator Affiliate

HostGator is another giant in the web hosting industry. HostGator is owned by EIG group, which is the same company that owns Bluehost.

The company has already registered over 8 million domains with them.  Which means that it’s they are also a great option for those who want to create their own websites or blogs.

HostGator affiliate is managed by the which is an affiliate network. They pay their affiliates as low as $50 and the commission gradually increase according to the number of qualified referrals that you make just like Bluehost. Here is a simple commission structure for HostGator affiliate program.

  • 1 to 5 signups ==> $50 per qualified sign up.
  • 6 to 10 signups ==> $75 per qualified sign up.
  • 11 to 15 signups ==> $100 per qualified sign up.
  • 20 + signups ==> $120 per qualified sign up.

Your commission matures after 45 days which is accredited via PayPal or ACH.

3. HostPinnacle Affiliate

If you have a tight budget audience yet they have a need to start a web site at affordable price, well, HostPinnacle got you covered.

HostPinnacle is a web hosting company in Kenya that offers affordable hosting with as low as $15 upto $100.

Also read : HostPinnacle web hosting review.

The HostPinnacle’s affiliates program pays you according to the type of package that your prospect purchase.

For the basic plan which costs $15 you are accredited a commission of $7.5, the standard plan ( costs $35) you earn a commission of $17 and the executive plan (costs $100) you earn a commission of $50.

The company has a thirty day tracking cookie which means that even if your client doesn’t convert immediately, but makes a purchase before the thirty days you will still earn a commission.

Your commission matures within thirty days. Payments are made through Mpesa.

4. Jumia Affiliates

Jumia is an eCommerce website founded in Nigeria by the Jumia Group. Jumia also has a branch located in Kenya known as the Jumia – Kenya.

Jumia affiliates are among the outstanding affiliate programs for those individuals who want to make money online.

The company offers a commission ranging from 2% to 10% depending on the product that you make a sale.

Once you join their program they offer a wide variety of promotional resources such as banners and deep links.

Commissions are paid after 30 days via Mpesa or a Credit card.

5. Berush

Are you a digital marketer or an SEO expert, then you shouldn’t be missing this.

Berush is an affiliate program from Semrush. This is a keyword research tool with powerful features packed with them. Here’s what Semrush can help do.

  • Keywords tool ==> helps you realize the best keywords that your website can rank for.
  • CPC Campaigns==> if you are planning to run ads Semrush helps you understand the best keywords to pay for ads.
  • Competitor’s overview report ==> Helps you to know how your competitor is performing as well the keywords that bring them sales.
  • Backlink checker==> you can understand the backlink profile of your blog.
  • Site Audit ==> helps you understand the architecture of your site and what to correct for in order for your site be SEO friendly.
  • Content Ideas ==> helps you unleash your content Ideas as well as assist you in your writing.

Therefore if you are looking up to getting an amazing SEO tool to promote and earn commissions then Semrush is here.

Once you join the Berush, ( Semrush affiliates program) they provide a number of promotional material such as banners, widgets, and links.

Your link has a ten-years tracking cookie. Once your client converts you are accredited a 40 % recurrent commission.

Payments are disbursed through PayPal.

6. Amazon Associates

Amazon is among the hugest e-commerce websites with over 100 branches worldwide.

Despite this Amazon has an affiliate program for you. With this program, they pay you commissions from as low as 3% to 10% varying to the type of the product that your customer purchases.

The Amazon affiliates have a cookie duration of 24 hours.

Payments are available through PayPal and even ACH.

7. ConvertKit

I love collecting emails like me and run email campaigns the ConvertKit has been my first priority. This company is an email service provider that helps you to grow your email list through forms and landing pages.

ConvertKit is primarily addressed to convert its users. If you don’t have an account with them you can’t promote them.

The company pays you a lifelong commission of 30% of the plan that your clients use. They also pay for every webinar subscriber made through your link.

8. Aweber Affiliates

Aweber has been an email marketing tool and an outstanding auto-responder of all times.

If you have been running newsletters for your blog and you are searching a tool to send promotional campaigns aweber is among the few tools.

Aweber also has an affiliate programs for marketers like you. Marketers can earn a commission for selling their products through two different platforms.

First they have an in-house affiliate program where it’s hosted and managed in their website which pays you a recurrent commission of 30%.

The other channel is managed by  CJ Affiliate where you earn a one-time commission of upto $300 per a single sign up.

9.Truehost cloud affiliates

Truehost is among the leading web hosting company in Kenya. Infact it’s my favorite company in the few. I really love their support and their friendly price for their web hosting products.

Truehost plans costs as low as $15 to $1000 per year depending on the type of the hosting package that you need for website. With their cheap packages,they can be a good choice for marketers as alternative for big web hosting companies such as Bluehost and HostGator. Since the least you can pay for hosting from those companies is $70 yet with Truehost you can get quality hosting with as low as $15 per year.

For this case the company also offers an affiliate program for those who would wish to create a passive income online.

They pay a recurrent commission of 10% for every package that your client purchases. Payments are made through mpesa after thirty days.

10. Teachable.

Teachable avails you with outstanding tools to create amazing online courses. It is also the the few eLearning platforms with a good reputation.

Their affiliate program pay a recurrent commission of 30% per monthly plan renewals.

Wrapping up

At least I have covered some hacks to help skyrocket your affiliate sales. What you need is to implement them one by one and surely, you’ll note a change. So what is your experience in affiliate marketing?

How much have you made via affiliate marketing so far? Please share it in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.


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