Here in BK Media, we believe that it’s important to be transparent to our readers. This is because as the saying goes “honesty is the best policy”, we ought to do the same.

From this site we recommend a variety of products from different companies. When the product is good and is perfectly suited to our readers we do recommend it via a special tracking link called an Affiliate Link.

Which means clicking either of those link and going ahead to buy the product we earn a commission. It won’t incure you any extra cost. Infact, from some of our links you will earn a discount .

Frankly, we never ever get affiliated to a product just because it pays us commission. We do it because we think it’s valuable to you. And neither do we receive any payments to falsely recommend a product. Be believe you are valuable to the success of our business. 

Which is why we choose to be honest with you and disclose our affiliate earnings.