Building a profitable online business can be hard. Be it a YouTube channel, a blog, an online store or a freelancing career. The competition out there is tough. Take for example, there are over 4.2 million blog posts published each day. There over 720,000 hours of video uploaded every day to YouTube and there are over 57 million people freelancing in the US alone.

You see how competitive the online business industries are. But here is the good news, you can break through the internet and make money online. Being a smart marketer or an online entrepreneur is what you need.
Which is why, my friend Zac Kenyatta and I (James Njoya) started this blog to offer you actionable tips to build an online business as a small business entrepreneur.

Here we share nothing but golden online ideas and practical tips. So if you want to:

  •  Start a blog and make money online, we got you covered.
  • Become a freelance writer, heck! This’s our favorite.
  •  Start an online shop and sell your products online, we are willing to hold your hand.
  • Become a productive entrepreneur we give you tips that keeps us rocking.

So, waste not even a second. Tell us what you want to learn or how you need us to help you.


Actually, nothing makes us happy than helping a small business owner like us. If you win our company wins. And both us win.

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