Hey blogger! We are glad to have you here.

Here in Bloggekenya we give you each practical strategy to help your blogging business grow right from a scratch. No tricks! No hacks! Only what we’ve tried and worked for us.

Who we are

Bloggerkenya is a digital marketing led by Njoya James.

After starting and failing in his two blogs ( www.njoyattum.org & www.njoyattum.co.ke) he decided to start Bloggerkenya to the share skills that he learned from his failure.

Bloggerkenya caters to everything you need to start a successful blogging business. Through our nutritious newsletters and outstanding video tutorials, we got you sorted.

Furthermore, we offer content writing and copywriting services for your blog. With James Njoya as the head of content, we assure you of the quality of content in each piece you assign to us. You can request your quote now.

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Our Team

Here is the BK team who work had to make sure that you got everything sorted for you.

1. James Njoya

James Njoya, founder of Bloggerkenya.co.ke

He is the editor in chief and co-founder of Bloggerkenya. He is a man with a big heart ❤️ and addicted to helping. He loves his “Wife and his three kids” ( just kidding, he has none ).

2. Zac Kenyatta

Zac of Kenyatta, cofounder of Bloggekenya

 Zac is the head of our marketing team.When it comes to marketing, Zac is a genius 🧠. He comes up with amazing marketing ideas that keep a boost to our blogging business. 

3. Steve Ng’ang’a

Steve Nganga

Ever serious and rarely does he smiles. But his hilarious. He the guy who takes care of clients and give them all the answers that they need about our business. He is the head of our support team.

Reach us

Do you want to keep in touch with us, send us an  email 📩  at  contact@bloggerkenya.co.ke leave us a message by using the form below.